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“Companies are not only competing with each other; entire supply chains are now competing on a global level. Each Supply chain is as strong and competitive as its weakest link.
Locking in or integrating key links in the supply chain with smart contracts and e-collaboration while leveraging large volumes of data across supply chain partners allows the application of the latest AI and Machine Learning capabilities; all of which play a crucial role in enabling smart and effective transactions.”

ChainLockR was created based on the need to optimize the documentation, conciliation, proof of delivery and payment processes for international trade and logistics. Our focus is to streamline the need for paperwork, required original signatures, compliance requirements and avoiding fraud and theft issues.

ChainLockR has been created to power smart transactions across industries and global markets using AI, Blockchain and Cloud Based Collaboration Platforms.

Digital transformation for smart supply chains

Mr. James Silva

US Coast Guard and DHS retired, Marine Transportation Specialist for Maritime Industry and Government, Instructor for Port and Vessel Safety-Security compliance, Emergency Management, Incident Response-Recovery for Ports and Waterways. Administrator of IT Program for Incident Management reporting requirements. James also volunteered with Mercy Ships during the 1980’s and served aboard their flagship, the vessel M/V Anastasis, actively engaged in humanitarian missions worldwide. He has consulted and guided the maritime industry for 40 years. He is recognized by DNV (ISPS), OSHA (Maritime), and AMSEA (Fishing Vessel Safety) as an Instructor. James has also spent several years as a Science and English Educator in secondary schools both stateside and abroad.

Meet The Team

Mr. Niklas Alemark

IT Business Owner and Developer, over 20 years of Software Project Management, IT management, business process optimization, data management and system architecture. Currently, consulting in IT Strategy for Block Chain development with Smart Contracts. His interests are also in Alternate Investments, Entrepreneurism and Real Estate.

Mr. Shinu Joseph
Founder of BridgYes

Mr. Shinu Joseph is a consultant and entrepreneur based out of Dubai, UAE. He did his Masters in Leadership from Manila Philippines and further training from Amsterdam, Switzerland and Singapore. He is the founder of Mentor U, a mentoring agency for business entrepreneurs and leaders. He also co-founded Nation 2 Nation (India Chapter). He has an experience of over 20 years in training young people on leadership skills internationally and has trained over 1000 individuals from different nationalities across the globe.

Mr. Joseph Avakian
Founder of JA COMM

With over 4 decades of Experience in Design & Digital communication services, Joseph has worked for Agencies, Co-led an ad Agency, as well as founded a cross-cultural Marketing & communication agency in 2000. He is the Founder of JA COMM, focused on communication
Design, Strategy and Training. He is well versed in both pillars of any agency, be it the creative and the business edge needed. His client list includes Companies such as Mercedes Benz, Deutsche Telekom & Bosch and many international NGO, Universities and SMB’s.

Dr. Yong Woo

Former research scientist at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST). Originally from South Korea, his higher education, including PhD and post-doctoral training was in the USA. His Postdoctoral Studies at Wen-Hsiung Li Laboratory, University of Chicago and his Ph.D. in Functional Genomics, University of Maine, Orono.  He is a Data Scientist specializing in analytics and biological insights from large data sets. He says, his adventure began in pharmacy to pharmaceutics to cancer genetics to evolutionary genetics. Dr. Woo has been instrumental in the Middle East for outcomes in advancing biomedical science. He enjoys the outdoors and is involved with helping others mentoring young people for the Biomedical field. Design, Strategy and Training. He is well versed in both pillars of any agency, be it the creative and the business edge needed. His client list includes Companies such as Mercedes Benz, Deutsche Telekom & Bosch and many international NGO, Universities and SMB’s.

Dr. Andrew West

Biologist, Environmental Scientist, Sustainable agriculture practitioner, University lecturer, and wildlife expert is called upon to solve issues between man and the environment, from sharks to wild cattle & feral boars to invasive plant species. 

Dr West has hosted two international TV series on the Discovery Channel, and is an advocate of proper stewardship of the environment.

He has lectured on sustainable agriculture practices in Cambodia, Philippines, Rwanda, Uganda, Kiribati and Hawaii.

Part of his work includes propagation and reforestation work in denuded areas of the world and a proponent of sustainable food production.


Ph.D, Environmental Science. University of Technology Sydney

Master of Science, Biology. University of Queensland

Bachelor of Science with Honors, Major: Zoology. University of Tasmania 

Bachelor of Science,  Major: Biological Sciences. Wollongong University

Background to Dr Andrew West

Born to Australian diplomats, Andrew West spent much of his life growing up in South Africa, Australia and Hawaii.

Dr West has an extensive background in scientific research. His passion is sharing fascinating nature stories (hence TV shows), and providing answers to challenging environmental problems. 

Now after 4 science degrees, and 30 years of experience in the field, he is considered an expert on animals and invasive plants . Breakthroughs in his research and unique footage quickly got the attention of BBC, ABC, National Geographic, and Discovery Channel documentary filmmakers. 

In 2005 Andrew quickly became the “go to” biologist for those dealing with environmental problems, and soon got the label of “Keeping the peace between Man, plant & Beast”.

Dr West was asked by the Australian government (and the state of Hawaii) to conduct his doctoral research in the area of Environmental science on the big island of Hawaii which was struggling with invasive animals, invasive plants and lower agricultural production. 

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